October 27, 2010

SiCKL Open Lab 013

The unapologetic experimental SiCKL Open Lab 013 is back featuring paintings by Nio+Mie (Clifford Narcis & Mikie Yap), electronica by Fengde, solo saxophone by Yong Yandsen, multimedia performance by The Ensemble with Nio+Mie (live painting), Yandsen (sound), Goh Lee Kwang (sound), Paco Michelson (live video mixing) and Kok Siew Wai (live videotaping/projections); and more offensive love songs by our beloved Self Conscious Acron...ym(ed) Man!

Date & Time: Sat, 30 October @ 8pm
Venue: Studio in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (SiCKL)
Address: 75, 3rd floor (top), Amber Business Plaza, Jalan Jelawat 1, Cheras, 56100 K.L.
Info: kokbuffalo@yahoo.com / yandsen@yahoo.com
Driving Directions: Yandsen (012-9198031); Map attached.
Public Transportation: Take Star Line LRT, stop at CHERAS station. Walk towards
your left to the shop lots where the first shop is 7-11. Keep walking until No.75, you'll see an Indian barber/liquor store. Go upstairs, we're on the top floor!
Attire: light and casual

Nio + Mie is created based on parables of a couple in love
and what they experience in a variety of shades. We are each other’s playthings and as such the representation of companionship in this collection come in the form of toys. We all have our favorite toy and we care for them in an un-biased, unique way and they bring us comfort and consolation. There are times when even our favorite toy cannot bring us cheer or make us forget pain but until the end of our journey in this life, we never forget the joy they brought us.

Fengde is a free-form, improvised electronica duo, and it’s the side project of the two main players from DianBang - Chuan Fung and Dickson. Both players have their own unique styles. Dickson uses lots of digital effects and gadgets to play multifaceted electronic sounds while Chuan Fung’s style is towards the retro and create a nostalgic atmosphere with analogue equipment.

The Ensemble:
The Ensemble is a multimedia performance project focusing on cross-disciplinary improvised performance. It is formed in March 2010 and its players are not fixed. The Ensemble is open to collaborate with performers in various mediums, such as music, video, dance, poetry reading and live painting. Past players of The Ensemble includes Yong Yandsen, Kok Siew Wai, Au Sow Yee, Goh Lee Kwang, Ng Chor Guan, Ronnie Khoo, David Lim, Kotaro Tanaka, Kristen Nilson Oma and more.

SiCKL Open Lab series is an art laboratory for artists to gather, show works and networking. SiCKL provides a free and open platform for artistic expression, improvisations, experimentation, learning and collaboration. We welcome artists from all disciplines.

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