December 30, 2006

GLK and YYP on Mandarin Button

Mandarin Button is a free radio and live-streaming show
hosted by Liu Pei-Wen aka PEI, a sound-artist from Taiwan.

Goh Lee Kwang and Yeoh Yin Pin are featured on this show.

offical stream hub (live from zurich) :

MP3 for all known :

OGG for linux, pc, VLC :

playlist (off-beat) :

December 12, 2006

Film Screening : Uli Aumüller & Theo Gallehr

::Film Screening : Uli Aumüller & Theo Gallehr::
Saturday, 16 December 2006
8.00pm -10:00pm
admission by donation

studio in cheras kl
No75, Tingkat 3,
Amber Business Plaza,
Jalan Jelawat 1,
Cheras 56100
(You can take Star LRT, Sri Petaling line, stop at Cheras Station.
SiCKL is right next to the Star LRT- Cheras Station.
Only a 2 minute walk.)


For those of you who are acoustically and visually
curious about the working methods, creative processes
and philosophies in the creation of musique concrete
composition and improvisation, you are welcome to join
us for an evening of educational screenings - Cinema
for the Ears and Azioni - details following this

My Cinema for the Ears
The musique concrète of Francis Dhomont and Paul Lansky
A Film by Uli Aumüller, 59 mins, 2002

"The work of the Franco-Canadian composer Francis
Dhomont, pupil of Pierre Schaeffer, the legendary
founder of musique concrète, is at the centre of this
staged documentary movie. The film is about how to
make music with sounds, microphone, tape and computer.
Dhomont was commissioned to compose a new, another
“Spring” for this film, based on the poem by Antonio
Vivaldi from his composition "The Four Seasons:
Spring" using the sounds mentioned by Vivaldi, bird
song for example, the splashing of a stream, the
murmur of the wind, rolling thunder or a dog barking."

"Dhomont records these sounds (on location in Canada)
in sequences which sometimes quote Jacques Tati and
reprocesses them in his studio, altering and
recombining them... He reflects upon the idea that
composing musique concrète is very similar to the work
of a film director. Rewinding, starting again,
cutting, mixing and changing, processing the speed,
the colours, the notes. Debussy also talked about
creating pictures."

"The film plays a kind of game: To approach a noise
microscopically with the microphone changes the form
of his perception. The noise gets more abstract and
because of that actually more musical. The same is
true of pictures. The closer a camera approaches an
object, the more abstract it becomes: No longer one
concrete picture, but a composition of colours,
shapes, structures, textures. The object in question
is a river, a stream, heard and seen from several
perspectives, composed in ever closer perspectives,
cubist, so to speak, until the perception changes into
pure abstraction and then back again into its original
concrete form. The aesthetic of musique concrète is
translated back into a possible language of this

"A central theme of the film is perception; perception
of the visual and the acoustic and how they refer to
each other, how one can dissolve these contexts and
put them together again in a new way; how the context,
i.e. the composition, focuses perception."

"Francis Dhomont meets Paul Lansky, a composer from
Princeton, USA. They cross a bridge while talking
about whether urban sounds can be used in composition.
As with the water of the river, the bridge is also
broken down into its acoustic and visual components, a
kind of homage to Walter Ruttmann, but again
completely different. The topic here, once again, is
cubist dismantling and rejoining, the production of
imaginary rooms."

"The conversation continues in Dhomont’s kitchen and
focuses on the tinkling of cups - whether one must
recognise a sound’s origin in electro-acoustic music.
Does the physical gesture suffice or must the sound
more or less proclaim its origin? One says "yes", the
other says "no", and a quarrel almost arises. There
are, indeed, different schools of thought among
composers who work with sounds."

Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Azioni III
A film by Theo Gallehr, 46 mins, 1967

"The dvd presents some of the most compelling
improvisations of this extraordinary improv group
active in the '60s and featuring such names as Ennio
Morricone, Ivan Vandor, Roland Kayn, Franco
Evangelisti, Walter Branchi, Mario Bertoncini and John
Heineman. Spanning from free-jazz to total abstract
noise and wild electronic sounds, the enclosed video
DVD, shot in a stunning black and white, is a unique
document that captures the rehearsal of the thrilling
concert that the group gave in Rome in 1967."

"Il Gruppo was a brilliant and prolific composer's
collective exploring extended techniques and new sound
sources through the medium of improvisation. Although
very much a product of its time, their music remains
timeless. They were instrumental in founding a radical
tradition of western musical improvisation that owed
little or nothing to anybody and created some of the
strangest music ever made. They were utterly unique."

contact yandsen 012-9800-428 /
contact aziz

December 06, 2006

Aziz, Ronnie and Azmyl @ KLue Words & Tunes

Aziz and Ronnie doing real-time manipulation of text/spoken audio thanks to the wonders of max msp and ableton live for part 1 of KLue Words & Tunes. Azmyl featured in part 2.
KLue Words & Tunes I
9 December 3.00pm

Unlike our previous installments, this month’s series of Klue’s Words & Tunes will be a collaborative effort between singer-songwriters and musicians. This installment of the spoken word and music event is themed ‘The Music of Language’ and will feature partnerships between Jaclyn Kee and Mei Chern, Ronnie Khoo and Aziz as well as acoustic outfit, Estrella.

Borders The Curve
6 Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Admission is free

KLue Words & Tunes II
16 December 3.00pm

The second installment for this month’s new and improved Words & Tunes sees a pair-up between Jasmine Low and Hannah , Crystal Woo and Jerome Kugan as well as Fahmi Fadzil and Azyml Yunor. Expect a mind-blowing showcase of spoken word and song as each duo give an original collaborative performance.

Borders Berjaya Times Square
1 Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur
Contact No : 03-2141 0288
Train : Imbi (Monorail)

Admission is free
YYP @ Singapore Fringe

Yeoh Yin Pin presents Unwound with Ang Song Ming

11th February 2007
105 minutes with a 15-minute interval

Esplanade Recital Studio

$28 (Standard) | $18 (Concession)

November 30, 2006

+Radio EMACM Update+++


brought to you by:

November 22, 2006

new releases by lam'i-nal records

KlangMutationen - Session Zero [L002] CDR

"Klangmutationen is obviously a German word -- Teutonic flatulence at its best. But it could also mean, admittedly of a strange logic (or illogic), a bunch of devilishly handsome Ah Bengs from Klang interested in "Mutationen" (that is Hokkien for metamorphosis Tetsuo or Ultra-man style). If that BS was not helpful at all in convincing you to buy this release, then these references might: Khanate's Capture and Release, Masayoshi Urabe, Kaoru Abe, Alvin Lucier, Masayuki Takayanagi, Naked City's L'eng T'che, the Blue Humans"

Ladang Gempak - Soal Kelentong Batu Cheng [L003] CDR

"Ladang Gempak is an artifact of strange and caustic Malaysiana. It's like taking a customary dump on a caked shit-stained toilet bowl, of every petrol station stop between Penang and Singapore, left unflushed for the gazillionth time. You know you have to but you don't want to. Sonically, if you dig the Sightings or the recent output of Whitehouse (but it bears reminding that this LG recording was made in 1998), or the handful of noise acts screaming of punk rock chutzpah, this LG release will be worth every ringgit and sen you give Laminal Records."

November 17, 2006


Call for regional sound artists in Malaysia and surrounding areas.
Deadline: Arrived by 31 December 2006
Concert: March or April 2007

1. What is the project?

The idea came up when a few of us were talking about art, non-art, god, life and Chinese herbs at the mamak
by SiCKL after a show on a rainy September night ...So we thought,
"What if ... if god gives each of us 2minutes, just 2 minutes, what shall we do?"

Here is the deal: You have 2 minutes, you do whatever you want with SOUND and fill up this 2 minutes.

2. What kind of music?

Do I have to be"experimental"? No! You don't have to! But if you want to, yes!
You can play musical instruments or non-musical instruments; you can reenact the sounds of birds,traffic and people; noise certainly; you can sing abeautiful melody, scream, cry, moan, chant, be silent... You can do the combination of differentsounds/sound-making methods, as long as it is EXACTLY 2 minutes. And you have an idea of what you are doing.

3. We would like you to think about whether or not the thing you do is performative.

It is suggested that you do something that is performative. This is because the outcome of this project will be the release of a CD album with a live concert featuring ALL the participating sound artists. And it is suggested that you don't do electronics because it might be too complicated to set up and to share the power supply where we might have like 20 over artists performing


You have to participate as a solo artist/performer. No 4-piece band for the 2-minute work, sorry!

5. But I'm not a "musician" ... :(

That is even better! You don't need to be a"musician" to participate in this project! As long as you care to spend your precious 2 minutes of your life in making SOUND, you're in!

6. Project ethics:

Whatever you do with your given 2minutes, you are responsible for it (just like in your life ...) So don't do silly things that you’re goingto regret later! :)

7. Why regional sound artists only?

Not that we’re patriotic or anything. However,because the idea of this project is to have both thealbum AND the live concert as the end product, wefigure it’s more feasible if we limit ourselves toartists in Malaysia and surrounding areas only so thatthey can actually come to perform at the concertwithout much fuss.

8. Submission Format:

Audio CD, file format: AIFF,WAVE.

9. Submission details:

label submission with your
NAME, CONTACT (email and phone), ADDRESS, TITLE, LENGTH, and a SHORT DESCRIPTION of the work.

10. NO Submission fee.

11. Please send in your submission with this SUBMISSION FORM.

Should you have any questions please contact Siew Wai at kokbuffalo[at]
You can send your work to:

Kok Siew Wai
“2 Minutes Sound Project”
3, Jalan Waras 3
Taman Connaught
Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur

Hope to see your work soon!

October 15, 2006

DIRTY THREE Cinder World Tour, LIVE in KL

October 03, 2006

Ici et Maintenant

A friend of the EMACM hosts a radio show that broadcasts from Radio Campus Grenoble.

The show's new season is now underway with its first show.

Get over to the radio show's blog at <>

The playlist looks fantastic (which includes our very own Tham Kar Mun amongst others).

You can listen to the show by going to

and click on either "Haut débit (112 Kb/s)" or "Bas débit (56 Kb/s)". Whichever suits your bandwidth.

Have a good listen!

September 25, 2006

3 new releases on herbal records

Goh Lee Kwang -- room sound
Juto Aviten -- water music #1 (ltd 40 copies)
Anla Curtis -- Live Action (ltd 40 copies)

cdr for 6 euros (exclud shipping)


September 18, 2006

Friday, 22nd September 2006: Unclogged’s Rojak Sotong Buffet Dinner Dance Party!

Jam Ban & Ciplak performing at Little Havana!

image courtesy of ricecooker

::Night of Two Happenings : Leave Me Alone & Wayang Lampu::

Friday, 29 September 2006
9.00pm -10:00pm++

studio in cheras kl
No75, Tingkat 3,
Amber Business Plaza,
Jalan Jelawat 1,
Cheras 56100
(You can take Star LRT, Sri Petaling line, stop at Cheras Station.
SiCKL is right next to the Star LRT- Cheras Station.
Only a 2 minute walk.)

Wayang Lampu
Fahmi Fadzil (theatre activist)
Aziz (musician)

Leave Me Alone
Caecar Chong (movement)
Teoh Shaw Gie (installation artist)
Yong Yen Sin (musician)
Tham Kar Mun (musician)

::admission by donation::

::defensive blurb::
The night will be a showcase of two performance-happenings. First, there will be Wayang Lampu, an exploration of shadow, light, and hue with reflections and diffractions on histories and stories by theatre activist Fahmi Fadzil accompanied by Aziz Ali. Proceeding that a proto happening entitled Leave Me Alone encasing Nyoba dancer Caecar Chong and returning installation artist Teoh Shaw Gie (recent work seen in Ka-Si-Pe-Cah) along with musicians from the old Moxuan unit, Yong Yen Sin and Tham Kar Mun.

Caecar Chong
Born, bred and schooled in Malaysia and trained as an architect in Australia, Caecar Chong Chung Yong has chosen to apply his skill and knowledge not conventionally on brickwork and steel structures, but experimentally with different art media and formats. Closely associated with the establishment and direction of Space Spirit Studio, Caecar champions the use of various media across art disciplines as diverse as the visual arts, performing arts and even floral design to express the spirit of space. This grants a new lease of life to the classic ideological maxim that architecture is more than just about building buildings.

Teoh Shaw Gie
Born in Penang (Malaysia) on 1976. Graduated from Accademia di Belle Arte di Firenze (Italy), faculty of Painting. Lives and works in Penang (Malaysia)
出生於1976年,檳城(馬來西亞)。畢業於義大利佛羅倫斯美術高等院校(Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze) 繪畫系。現今在檳城(馬來西亞)生活和工作。

Fahmi Fadzil
Fahmi Fadzil became an active theater maker as a member of Article 19 in Taylor's College, Subang Jaya, Selangor. After leaving for the United States, Fahmi joined Akshen, alongside several ex-members of Article 19. He is now heavily involved in various community arts projects and other programs with Five Arts Centre. Fahmi was last seen in the play by Ivan Heng, Second Link.

contact yandsen 012-9800-428 /
contact aziz

August 06, 2006

Carlos Llavata Talk & Screening of Works

::Carlos Llavata Talk & Screening of Works organized by Rumah Air Panas + SiCKL::
Wednesday, 9 August 2006, 8.00pm-9.30pm

studio in cheras kl
No75, Tingkat 3,Amber Business Plaza,
Jalan Jelawat 1,Cheras 56100
(You can take Star LRT, Sri Petaling line, stop at Cheras Station. SiCKL is right next to the Star LRT- Cheras Station. Only a 2 minute walk.)

::admission by donation::

::defensive blurb::
Carlos Ilavata Gascon (1964) hails from Valencia, Spain. His art includesceramics, performance, actions, and video, but quintessentially -exploding gunpowder. Carlos is also a member and curator of an independentart space project, La Sala Naranja in Valencia. Come see his work andlisten to him talks about being a contemporary artist in eastern Spain!

contact yandsen 012-9800-428 /
contact siew wai

August 03, 2006

Boon Not Pop: Volume One, Out Now!

Wowo! New album out now, Boon Not Pop: Volume One, first of the color series. Released by lam'i-nal records.

01 I, Slow Down
02 DisLocation
03 11+1

Duration 21:40

For sample, please visit

July 25, 2006

REFLEX REACTIONS plays Unclogged
Friday, August 4th 2006

Little Havana, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL
Admission: RM15 (+ first free drink)
Door Opens: 8.30 PM

Reflex Reactions is an improv duo with Yandsen (aka Yong Yen Sin) and Kok Siew Wai.
Go here for more details of the gig.

July 24, 2006

Hadaka: M 实验音乐演出

Date: 2nd August 2006 [Wednesday]

Time: 8.00pm Venue: The Substation, Singapore

Admission: $15

Line Up: Oren Ambarchi, Yuen Chee Wai, George Chua, Lionel Tan, Chong Li-Chuan, Alwyn Lim

"Flowers beneath my skin"
Film Screening
29 July 2006

studio in cheras kl
No75, Tingkat 3,
Amber Business Plaza,
Jalan Jelawat 1,
Cheras 56100
(right next to Star LRT, Cheras Station)

admission by donation

"The Flowers Beneath My Skin is Malaysia’s first ever silent film. It is about a spirit that haunts an apartment, where the occupants are into foot-binding, castration, and skin peeling. The spirit observes their daily ritual. This is not a horror film, and the spirit is not frightening. But the people staying in the apartment are."

contact yandsen 012-9800-428 /
contact siew wai 012-695-7987

July 16, 2006

Ciplak -livescoring-
Flowers Beneath My Skin screening

@ Help Institute
Tuesday, 25 July 2006
8pm onwards

HELP University College
BZ-2 Pusat Bandar Damansara
50490, Kuala Lumpur,

performances by
-with special appearance by Pete Teo-

admission: RM10 per person

"The Flowers Beneath My Skin is Malaysia’s first ever silent film. It is about a spirit that haunts an apartment, where the occupants are into foot-binding, castration, and skin peeling. The spirit observes their daily ritual. This is not a horror film, and the spirit is not frightening. But the people staying in the apartment are"

July 15, 2006

Birthday Gig: I Sing On The Kok

> Saturday, 22 July 2006>

> studio in cheras kl>
No75, Tingkat 3,>
Amber Business Plaza,>
Jalan Jelawat 1,>
Cheras 56100> (right next to Star LRT, Cheras Station)

> > ::performances by::
> Rahmat Haron> “…cara pengucapannya kelihatan seperti upaya untuk keluar daripada kepompong pengucapan kreatif yang kini seolah-olah dilembagakan (institutionalised). Pengucapannya membawa kita keluar daripada pengucapan arus perdana, malah mungkin ada yang menyifatkan puisinya sebagai suara-suara underground anak muda ataupun suara-suara pinggiran.” – Raja Ahmad Alaudin

> Fairuz Sulaiman> "will be playing with things that make images that dance to things that make> sounds. The Ocular in digital; live video-mixing, editing, mangling, sculpting".

> Chris Funkhouser> "The performance by chris funkhouser will feature cyborgian interpretive poetic ruminations on malaysia and various aspects of its culture. Funkhouser's set will include ambient sounds he has recorded in malaysia, projected animated photographic images he has captured in malaysia, and live music performed on a range of instruments."

> Fahmi Fadzil> "Fahmi Fadzil became an active theater maker as a member of Article 19 in Taylor's College, Subang Jaya, Selangor. After leaving for the United States, Fahmi joined Akshen, alongside several ex-members of Article 19. He is now heavily involved in various community arts projects and other programs with Five Arts Centre. He will be performing shadow narrative with or without light and or text and or traditional leathery forms."

> Kok Siew Wai> "Will be showing a personal work suggesting sentimental yearnings, perhaps nostalgia mostly shot in Buffalo, New York. 'If on a lonesome night, a camera-eye' (2006) by Kok Siew Wai, 4 mins."

> Less Wood Than They Would Guess> "Less wood than they would guess is partly denial, partly avowal, yet soundly all digressive to a point of regression. Their sound is an artificial escape but bordered by sciolicism and pedantry. Liking malinated timber and queen rafters that knock against each other, they will do two> sets plucked from small works Spoken Coward and Application Music."

> > ::admission by donation::> >

contact yandsen 012-9800-428 /
contact siew wai 012-695-7987

June 23, 2006

SAND Festival (Hong Kong)

Below is the schedule for the Sand Festival in Hong Kong
24th June 2006. Yeoh Yin Pin appears on the last two sets.

1600 – 1620 Nanahara Shuya
1630 – 1650 Ang Song Ming
1700 – 1720 Sylvain Holtermann
1730 – 1750 Peter Scherr
1800 – 1820 Zen Lu
1830 – 1850 Pei
1900 – 1920 new fairfield parks and recreation
1930 – 2000 Break
2000 – 2030 Pei / Fathmount (Typfun)
2040 – 2100 Cedric Maridet
2110 – 2130 Li Chin Sung
2140 – 2200 Mattin
2210 – 2240 Li Chin Sung + Mattin
2250 – 2320 Yeoh Yin Pin / Pei / Fathmount
2330 – 0000 Yeoh Yin Pin / Zen Lu / Song Ming

June 21, 2006

Closing Night: Man + God
@ Galeri Iizu
Friday, 30 June 2006
8 pm

Galeri Iizu,
119-2-1, Mezzanine Floor,
UOA Centre, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.


::performances by
Yoba Dance

::music by
Ronnie Khoo
Yong Yen Sin
Kok Siew Wai
Thm Kar Mun
Azmyl Yunor

admission free!

"Man + God is a ‘Designers’ Poster Art’ series of non-religious design collaborations with artists/ designers from Africa, Austria, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, The Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States."

contact siew wai 012-695-7987 /
contact yandsen 012-9800-428 /

June 12, 2006

Fete de la Musique 2006
Saturday, 17 June 2006
12pm - 4pm

Alliance Francaise (Kuala Lumpur)
15 Lorong Gurney,
Jalan Semarak,
Kuala Lumpur

Ciplak (featuring CopyCat!)
Yong Yen Sin
Less Wood Than They Would Guess
Thunder Coffee Club

admission free

contact yandsen 012-9800-428 /
contact siew wai 012-695-7987 -------------------

June 08, 2006

::Il n'y a rien du texte::

Friday, 23 June 2006



studio in cheras kl

No75, Tingkat 3,

Amber Business Plaza,

Jalan Jelawat 1,

Cheras 56100

(right next to Star LRT, Cheras Station)


Thierry Monnier


Yong Yen Sin

Less Wood Than They Would Guess

admission by donation

::defensive blurb::

If there's the festival, there's the fringe (and sure its lacy) but would you expect anything less than free insides or outsides?

contact yandsen 012-9800-428 /

contact siew wai 012-695-7987

peta kat sini loh:

June 07, 2006

Brakhage Film Screening

"Imagine an eye unruled by man-made laws of perspective, an eye unprejudiced by compositional logic, an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an adventure of perception."

Stan Brakhage Film Screening

Introduction by Au Sow Yee

Saturday, 24 June 2006
studio in cheras kl
No75, Tingkat 3,
Amber Business Plaza,
Jalan Jelawat 1,
Cheras 56100
(right next to Star LRT, Cheras Station)

list of movies:

Dog Star Man (Prelude) 25'
Window Water Baby Moving 12'
Mothlight 3'14"
Comingled Container 2'42"
The Dark Tower 2'21"
Black Ice 2'5"
Eye Myth 9"
The Wold Shadow 2'5"
Brakhage on Brakhage I 9'
Brakhage on Brakhage II 9'

Program Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
admission by donation

contact yandsen 012-9800428
contact siew wai

May 21, 2006

Steamboat Party

The recent escapade in Cheras.

Big thanks to Joe Kidd and Ricecooker for this feature:

May 19, 2006

Tatsuya Yoshida in Singapore and Bangkok

Tatsuya Yoshida of notably Ruins fame (others include Koenji Hyakkei and occasional collaborator with Keiji Haino) will be performing in Singapore and Bangkok in June.

Here are the dates:
Friday, 2nd June 2006: Idiom at About Cafe, Bangkok
Saturday, 3rd June 2006: Hadaka: C at the Singapore Art Museum

May 12, 2006

Studio in Cheras KL: Steamboat Party

Steamboat Party

Saturday, 20th May 2006
8pm till whenever

studio in cheras kl
75, Tingkat 3,
Amber Business Plaza,
Jalan Jelawat 1,
Cheras 56100

Performances by

Kok Siew Wai (electro primitive)
Azmyl Yunor (folktronikoutsidra)
Ronnie Khoo (glitch)
Less Wood Than They Would Guess (bunyi-bunyi)
Yong Yen Sin (solo saxophone)
Au Sow Yee (Performative Cinema (or the documentation of one))

Admission by donation

Further details:
Yandsen 012-9800-428 /


May 11, 2006

YYP at SAND Festival (Hong Kong)

Yeoh Yin Pin will perform at the 1st SAND festival in Hong Kong on the 24th of June. The festival features performances by sound artists, noise musicians, improvisors, laptoppers, and what looks like a black metal band. Organised by the good folks at White Noise Records.

June 24, 2006
starts at 4pm


"The festival aims at presenting contemporary music such as drone, noise, sound art and free jazz by artists with different cultural backgrounds. By combining different acts on one night, we wish to present the diffusion of this art form across different geographical areas. SAND will continue in presenting challenging music from all around the world to Hong Kong audience in the future."

May 09, 2006

Azmyl Yunor shows

Azmyl Yunor gigs during the month of May:

Thursday 11/5/2006
Laundry Bar, The Curve Shopping Center, Mutiara Damansara, Selangor
9.30pm onwards
with False Opus, Ariff Akhir, Stonebay and Rizal Hefni

Friday 19/5/2006
Taylor's College Subang Jaya, SS15 Subang Jaya, Selangor
7.30pm onwards
RM 5
with Broken Scar, Ferns, Ida Lisa, The Sofa Sessions, Izzy, Jerome Kugan and Tan Sei Hon

Sunday 28/5/2006
Central Market Outdoor Stage, Central Market, KL
12pm - 6pm


April 28, 2006

Ronnie Khoo and Tan Kok Hui in SG

Ronnie Khoo and Tan Kok Hui will perform in Singapore as part of Furniture during the latter half of May. More details to follow soon...

April 21, 2006

Ciplak on myspace

Ciplak (Azmyl Yunor, Aziz Ali and Ronnie Khoo) has a site on myspace.


April 17, 2006

Xing-Wu CD-r series

Tham Kar Mun has started a CD-r series that will be a constituent of Xing-Wu Records.
The first 3 releases scheduled are full-length works by Yandsen, Yeoh Yin Pin and Tham Kar Mun. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, visit Xing-Wu website at:

March 21, 2006

GLK Release on Herbal Recs

New on GLK's Herbal Records:

Goh Lee Kwang: s.o.s. vol.1 (8cdr)

s.o.s. (sound of solitude) was a project undertaken by Goh Lee Kwang during his fellowship at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart Germany.


March 15, 2006

New Releases on Goh Lee Kwang's Herbal Recs

why not ltd (
00019 Ishigami Kazuya:: siz u ka
00010 Lukas Simonis:: collaborations
00025 D.O.G.O.D. :: Squareon

herbal live (
004 mike bullock: great marsh
002 billy bao: auxilio
003 jeff gburek & raven chacon: jesus was a wino

March 10, 2006

EMACM space/HQ

EMACM is in the process of putting together its own physical space that will also serve as its headquarters. This space is situated in Cheras (which is located just at the fringes of Kuala Lumpur).

February 10, 2006

New release from GLK

Basque musician and artist Mattin's internet label desetxea has published Goh Lee Kwang's
A Perfect Rain. Click the link below to download the release in .ogg format: