January 29, 2007

Yeoh Yin Pin - afield @ framework, resonance fm

Yeoh Yin Pin curates an edition of ::afield:: for framework, Resonance FM, London.YYP's edition broadcasts 31/01/07.

framework broadcasts wednesdays locally in London (UK)
and worldwide online at resonance104.4fm from 1-2pm gmt


"The selection is loosely based on an idea for a novella which never really got off the ground from a few years back. The main of the idea focuses on a solitary, nomadic and non-interventionist consciousness roaming various territories and sensibilities (affects, lives, dreams, livelihoods, etc.) that generally revolve around century old "subject matter" like Religion, Man, Culture, Being, Time, and Nature. Briefly, the narrative commences like any other and typical existential search for an/the all-consuming Meaning but slowly turns into a discovery of and connection with Auditory Life in all its complexity and nuances."

||| PART 1 |||

a) Kyoto, Hanazono (Ukyo): Myoshinji Temple (AD 698), reprise
[from Bonsho: Japanese Temple Bells (8th-17th Century)]

b) Len Lye - Bell Wand (Components)
[from Len Lye, Composing Motion]

c) Jean-Luc Herelle - End of a Thunder-Storm With Numerous Bells
[from Jean-Luc Herelle, Pastoral Bells]

d) End of festival, with temple bell, and drums and trumpets
[from Tibetan Buddhist Rites from the Monasteries of Bhutan]

||| PART 2 |||

a) Bela Bartok - Elindultam a Hazambol
[from Bela Bartok, Hungarian Songs]

b) Steven Feld - Nauvo, Finland
[from Steven Feld, THE TIME OF BELLS, 1 Soundscapes of Italy, Finland,
Greece and France]

c) Approaching a village in the early morning
[from Honeywind: Sounds From A Santal Village (India)]

||| PART 3 |||

a) Church bell and Coptic Bible recitation
[from Egypt: Echoes of the Nile: Aspects of Egyptian Music]

b) Azan
[from Indian Soundscapes]

c) Justin Bennett, Tracks 3, 8 and 9
[from Justin Bennett, The Mosques of Tanger]

||| PART 4 |||

a) Yeoh Yin Pin - Outside a Taoist Temple @ Tepi Sungai, Klang

b) Dan Gibson - Storm on Wilderness Lake
[from Dan Gibson, Solitudes 6: Storm on Wilderness Lake/Night on Wilderness Lake]

c) Dan Gibson - Dawn on the Desert
[from Dan Gibson, Solitudes 5: Dawn on the Desert/Among the Mountain Canyons and Valley]

January 24, 2007

Kok Siew Wai @ International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2007

"In Solitude, A Camera-eye" (2006) by Kok Siew Wai
short video entering short film category: "As Long as it Takes", 25-29 January 2007
under special theme programme: "Lonely Demons"
in the International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2007, The Netherlands.

January 19, 2007

::3X3!=6? (music and film screenings)::
three artifiers of visual motion and three bruiticiers of audiotory notions
Saturday, 27 January 2007
8.00pm -10:00pm
admission by donation

studio in cheras kl
No75, Tingkat 3,
Amber Business Plaza,
Jalan Jelawat 1,
Cheras 56100
(You can take Star LRT, Sri Petaling line, stop at Cheras Station.
SiCKL is right next to the Star LRT- Cheras Station.
Only a 2 minute walk.)

Kok Kai-foong
studied Computer Science at Tamkang University (Taiwan) and became film critic. Since 2003
he has made several shorts. His films were selected to be screened at film festivals in Netherlands, UK,
Germany, France, Korea, Thailand etc.

Two guys in a hotel room (2004, 3:24)
Two Malaysian programmers went on a business trip in India for two months. One day, in their hotel room...

Life is Elsewhere (2004, 7:14)
Haven't you ever had the feeling you are being watched? And who is watching whom? And what do you see
when you look in the mirror? And what happens to the man who collapses in his living room?

Sow Yee
graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute (USA) in 2004.Working with elements such as projected light and gleaned objects, she has been showing her performative cinema pieces since 2003. She is the recipient of Krishen Jit Astro Fund and is the 2007 artist in residence of Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan).

Scene Under the Autumn's Stream
16mm transfer to dv, colour hand made, silent
Hand made crusted life of what is beneath. Mapping out memories and lives decayed.
A short exercise on the dimming light of autumn.

Blushes of Memory
S-8mm transfer to dv, b&w hand processed
A time in exile.

Kok Siew Wai
lived and studied in the US between 1998-2005 and gained her MFA at Alfred University. She works with video, sound and performance. She has participated in international art festivals such as 25hours Videoart Festival 2003, Beyond/In Western New York Biennial 2005 and most recently the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Intercourse (2001)
10:42 min/color/sound/minidv
Intercourse shows the conversation between two hands, together with a candle.

Duet (2003)
08:34 min/color/sound
DUET is a sound meditation piece with a human voice and the sound of water pipes running through the building.

Yong Yen Sin -- Tham Kar Mun
Improvisation with pencils, books and paper in the
usual way.

contact yandsen 012-9198031 / yandsen@yahoo.com
contact aziz me@triyae.com

January 16, 2007

Yandsen, Tham and Aziz
@ The Annexe, Central Market KL

8.30 PM
Wednesday, 17th Jan 2007
2nd Floor, The Annexe,
Central Market KL

For more information: Ricecooker

January 11, 2007