February 22, 2010

SiCKL Open Lab 011: When We Meet

SiCKL Open Lab 011 is back, Happy New Year 2010! Come join us for experimental video, sound art and improvised music from Canada, Austria with our very own local players! Featuring Andra McCartney, Rainer Weins, Susanne Schuda, Florian Schmeiser, Ng Chor Guan, Yong Yandsen, Goh Lee Kwang and Kok Siew Wai.

Admission by donation.
Attire: light and casual.

For driving instructions: 012-9198031
For more info: sicklinfo@gmail.com / kokbuffalo@yahoo.com
* You can take STAR line LRT, stop at Cheras Station, it's 2 minutes walk from the Station to SiCKL.


During his early musical education Rainer Wiens studied guitar with John Becker, Allan Torak and Tony Braden, as well as jazz harmony with Barry Harris, but soon diverged from standard jazz practices and began leading his own groups in the late 1970s. In 1978, Wiens formed the left-field jazz group Silk Stockings as a vehicle for his own writing. He was co-founder with Jan Komarek of Sound Image Theatre. His published work is in the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art. By 2000 was leading the Afro-beat group Follow Follow, with a CD recorded in 2005. In recent recording projects, he played on the CD Speaking in Tongues with
percussionist Ganesh Anandan and violinist Malcolm Goldstein, and on Up North with Anandan. Since 2007 he also leads the avant-garde group, Dream Algebra, who play his rhythm-based structured improvisations and compositions. Wiens has presented rhythm and improvisation workshops to musicians, dancers, actors; and media and music students.

Andra McCartney is an associate professor of Communication Studies atConcordia University, Montreal, Canada, where she teaches courses on sound production, reflexivity studies, and sound theory. She received her PhD in Music from the York University in Toronto, with a dissertation on the soundscape work of Vancouver composer Hildegard Westerkamp. McCartney is well-known internationally for her research on issues of gender, creation,
sound, and technology. She is a soundwalk artist, leading public walks and creating gallery installations, recordings, performances and radio works. She has presented public soundwalks, performances and installations at festivals and conferences in Canada, UK, Finland, Germany, US and the Netherlands. Her works can be heard on the internet, on CBC radio, and on CDs produced by Deep Wireless, Terra Nova, and the Canadian Electroacoustic

Florian Schmeiser is a sound and media artist, based in Vienna, Austria. Works in the fields of soundperformance, installation and public art. Works with Susanne Schuda as schuda/schmeiser. Degree in visual media, University of Applied Arts, Vienna at Valie Export, Peter Weibel, Steina Vasulka, Karel Dudesek. Florian Schmeiser does an electronic pop-soundart-performance, a onemanshow with dark songs from the past up to today with coverversions of franz schubert, pink floyd, soundgarden and others. The sound is an avantgarde-retro-hybrid, a mixture of classical instruments combined with abstract electronics, coming from a selfcreated instrument: a barcodescanner, transformed to a soundmachine, that generates music out of everyday-life products. All played and performed by florian schmeiser.

Susanne Schuda is a new media artist from Vienna whose works range from video, interactive art, installation art and public art. She has been exhibited widely in Europe and most recently an artist of the Open Studios at Red Gate Residency, Beijing, China.

Ng Chor Guan
His passion for music during adolescent years propels him towards this fascinating arena. Chor Guan started his career as professional music composer during his years in London. His diverse professional credits include music for concert, film, theater, dance, exhibition and multimedia. His music has been performed in a wide variety of mediums including orchestral, choral, chamber, and electronic music. His work demonstrates an excellent integration of the classical and the contemporary.