September 25, 2006

3 new releases on herbal records

Goh Lee Kwang -- room sound
Juto Aviten -- water music #1 (ltd 40 copies)
Anla Curtis -- Live Action (ltd 40 copies)

cdr for 6 euros (exclud shipping)


September 18, 2006

Friday, 22nd September 2006: Unclogged’s Rojak Sotong Buffet Dinner Dance Party!

Jam Ban & Ciplak performing at Little Havana!

image courtesy of ricecooker

::Night of Two Happenings : Leave Me Alone & Wayang Lampu::

Friday, 29 September 2006
9.00pm -10:00pm++

studio in cheras kl
No75, Tingkat 3,
Amber Business Plaza,
Jalan Jelawat 1,
Cheras 56100
(You can take Star LRT, Sri Petaling line, stop at Cheras Station.
SiCKL is right next to the Star LRT- Cheras Station.
Only a 2 minute walk.)

Wayang Lampu
Fahmi Fadzil (theatre activist)
Aziz (musician)

Leave Me Alone
Caecar Chong (movement)
Teoh Shaw Gie (installation artist)
Yong Yen Sin (musician)
Tham Kar Mun (musician)

::admission by donation::

::defensive blurb::
The night will be a showcase of two performance-happenings. First, there will be Wayang Lampu, an exploration of shadow, light, and hue with reflections and diffractions on histories and stories by theatre activist Fahmi Fadzil accompanied by Aziz Ali. Proceeding that a proto happening entitled Leave Me Alone encasing Nyoba dancer Caecar Chong and returning installation artist Teoh Shaw Gie (recent work seen in Ka-Si-Pe-Cah) along with musicians from the old Moxuan unit, Yong Yen Sin and Tham Kar Mun.

Caecar Chong
Born, bred and schooled in Malaysia and trained as an architect in Australia, Caecar Chong Chung Yong has chosen to apply his skill and knowledge not conventionally on brickwork and steel structures, but experimentally with different art media and formats. Closely associated with the establishment and direction of Space Spirit Studio, Caecar champions the use of various media across art disciplines as diverse as the visual arts, performing arts and even floral design to express the spirit of space. This grants a new lease of life to the classic ideological maxim that architecture is more than just about building buildings.

Teoh Shaw Gie
Born in Penang (Malaysia) on 1976. Graduated from Accademia di Belle Arte di Firenze (Italy), faculty of Painting. Lives and works in Penang (Malaysia)
出生於1976年,檳城(馬來西亞)。畢業於義大利佛羅倫斯美術高等院校(Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze) 繪畫系。現今在檳城(馬來西亞)生活和工作。

Fahmi Fadzil
Fahmi Fadzil became an active theater maker as a member of Article 19 in Taylor's College, Subang Jaya, Selangor. After leaving for the United States, Fahmi joined Akshen, alongside several ex-members of Article 19. He is now heavily involved in various community arts projects and other programs with Five Arts Centre. Fahmi was last seen in the play by Ivan Heng, Second Link.

contact yandsen 012-9800-428 /
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