September 05, 2008

SICKL OPEN LAB (SOL) 003: Call For Artists/Musicians

Dear friends,

SicKL Open Lab (SOL) is again calling for artists and musicians of daredevil experimentations. We had a blast last weekend. SOL is already going international during its second season with musicians from Singapore, Australia and Ireland! (Yo! Comrades in Manila should come up next!)
Now we are all geared up to work on the next lab on Saturday, 25 October. Artists from all disciplines are welcome! We have had poets, writers, video artists, musicians, filmmakers, now where are the dancers? actors? performance artist? visual artists?
Show up and show us what you've got!

SOL happens on the last Saturday of every month.
Please contact:
Siew Wai:
Sow Yee:

Siew Wai


SicKL OPEN LAB (SOL) is a bi-monthly art laboratory where artists come together to show individual’s work and form new collaboration. SiCKL will provide the environment for artistic expression, improvisation, experimentation, learning and collaboration. In each lab session, we encourage artists from different backgrounds to experiment with each other to create new work. This open platform is free to perform, to exhibit, to experiment and to collaborate. We welcome artists from all disciplines.

Dare to experiment! Surprise us and surprise yourself!
SOL happens on the last Saturday of every other month at 8pm.

For more information, please contact:

SicKL (Studio in Cheras, KL)
Siew Wai: /
Sow Yee: