February 28, 2007

emacm.org PRESENTS

@ The Annexe (1st Floor Studio)
Central Market, KL
8pm, Friday, 9th March 2007
Admission by donation


BORIS BALTSCHUN is an established figure from a new generation of European musicians and artists currently immersed in the global forefront of avant garde and experimental music, specifically within the province of "free improvisation", "sound art", and "electronic music".
His use of the sampler as an instrument which traverses the familiar and the unfamiliar territories of music is well documented and widely celebrated.

He has performed and exhibited extensively in Europe and America, including Documenta 11 (2002) and Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain (2005), and has collaborated with the likes of Tetuzi Akiyama, John Butcher, John Oswald, Wolfgang Fuchs, Tony Buck, amongst many others.

He has also given lectures at world renowned experimental music departments at University of California at San Diego, Mills College, and California Institute of the Arts.

Reviews of a selection of his (collaborated) CDs can be found at:


EMMANUEL MIEVILLE is a Paris born French sound artist and experimental musician who studied at the world renowned GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales) in the field of musique concrète. He also studied sound engineering and attended a cinema school. His aesthetic concern and direction as a composer originate from a desire to give the listener a shifting or blurred perception of soundscapes. Musical experiments with sound-field materials or objects and instruments are composed mostly through a "free association of brain stimulations", with some
collaborations or improvisations yielding patterns or structures, that express musical ideas. His tropism towards sound scapes, sound sculpting and gathering of spatials tools for compostion, provides him with a better understanding and perception of sound, as a vector for social awareness and wisdom.

He played for two years with a Javanese gamelan orchestra, and is interested in merging ethnic intruments into electroacoustic music. Amongst other collaborations, he has worked with several dancers for Butoh performances, with French composer/performer Eric Cordier a for live concert (2005), and with Korean video performer, Heesok Yu, for a concert. He also contributes and participates with much constancy to Framework, on Resonance FM (London), which is a radio show dedicated to field recordings.



THIERRY MONNIER is a French musician who plays prepared guitar by using different objects. His main focus is the guitar feedback and he tries to work on the sound itself by modelling it. His musical influence is at the crossing of experimental rock and « musique concrète ». Since 2005, he has worked in a guitar duo with Pierre Faure called Sun stabbed. He is also active as an organiser of experimental music shows at a venue called Le 102 (www.le102.net), and as a DJ playing experimental music on a campus radio station. He runs a label with Pali Meursault (universinternational).


Sun stabbed « radio » CD-R (Seedy R !/Pseudoarcana –
Thierry Monnier « Intermezzo » 3'' CD-R
(Universinternational – 2003)


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February 19, 2007


Klangmutationen @ Little Havana, KL.
Friday, 23rd February 2007
Locos Furioso
(with Modar, MUZE, Onani, Nuisance Drilled)

Ladang Gempak @ Tunestone, Klang.
Saturday, 24th February 2007
Pay to Play 3

February 13, 2007

iGAGALIST, 16th Feb @ Annexe Central Market

Featuring a bunch of EMACM-ers and friends:

Yandsen & Robert Gomez, Yeoh Yin Pin & Tham Kar Mun, and Kok Siew Wai films.

Others billed include: Meteor Feather (from Singapore), Au Sow Yee films, and of course Meor.

All info, details and updates @ Ricecooker

February 04, 2007

::HYMEN The Genetic Tones::
Ladang Gempak Album Launch!
Friday, 09 February 2007
8.00pm -11:00pm
admission by donation

studio in cheras kl No75, Tingkat 3, Amber Business Plaza, Jalan Jelawat 1, Cheras 56100 (You can take Star LRT, Sri Petaling line, stop at Cheras Station. SiCKL is right next to the Star LRT- Cheras Station. Only a 2 minute walk.)


Boon Not Pop

Boon Not Pop is an experimental electro-acoustic improvisation project and sometime features Fairuz Sulaiman on visuals. Tan Kok Hui or better known as Boon, former drummer of Moxuan and ChongYang. He is currently drums for Furniture and occasionally appears for KLPHQ and The Maharajah Commission .

Bintang Bendahara

Bintang Bendahara started with just a bedroom tune and drift further slowly into a simplex multi tune composition. Generally, experimenting into all sorts of element that can be mastered and giving new hope in music recognition is our main task. Concentrating more into ambient intermission rather than normal complex type of composition. Simplicity is a must in every composition, while balancing loudness, silence, and looping process.


Zalacca was born out of suburban lull and ennui.. scuzzy, vaporous, empyreal, sprawling, squalling.. damaged sonic vignettes for fractured electric dreams.

Ladang Gempak

"Ladang Gempak is an artifact of strange and caustic Malaysiana. It's like taking a customary dump on a caked shit-stained toilet bowl, of every petrol station stop between Penang and Singapore, left unflushed for the gazillionth time. You know you have to but you don't want to. Sonically, if you dig the Sightings or the recent output of Whitehouse (but it bears reminding that this LG recording was made in 1998), or the handful of noise acts screaming of punk rock chutzpah, this LG release will be worth every ringgit and sen you give Laminal Records." -- TOK SAWAN



contact yandsen 012-9198031 / yandsen[at]yahoo.com
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