March 25, 2009

Video Art from Japan: A Screening & Discussion


SiCKL presents
"Video Art from Japan: A Screnning & Discussion"

Wednesday, 1st April 2009 @ 8pm


Katsuyuki HATTORI and SATO Hiroaki will appear in person at SiCKL for a discussion about their artworks and a Malaysia + Japan exchange program that they are initiating.

SiCKL (Studio in Cheras, KL)
No. 75, 3rd Floor (top floor),
Amber Business Plaza, Jalan Jelawat 1,
Cheras 56100, Kuala Lumpur.
(1 minute walk from Cheras LRT Station, Star Line)


Siew Wai:
Sow Yee:
For driving directions: Yandsen 012-9198031


Katsuyuki HATTORI, (B. 1973) is a Japanese video artist based in Tokyo. Hattori, who graduated from San Francisco Art Institute, co-founded several important video art organizations in Tokyo such as Tokyo: Spread Video Art Project, Art Lab, Goldenshit and Video Art Center. He has collaborated with choreographers, contemporary dancers, poets and musicians. Hattori’s work has been shown in Spain, Canada, Ireland, Australia, France, Mexico, China and Indonesia, amongst many other coutries.

SATO Hiroaki, (b.1962) is a video artist cum musician who graduated from Nihon University, College of Art. He is also active in teaching video making and theory of image technology at the Nippon Engineering College and Nihon University College of Art, Department of Cinema. Sato also writes, mostly on video art.

Kotaro TANAKA, (b. 1979) in Tokyo, Japan. Tanaka is a filmmaker, involves in the VJ Bysexual Team and a part-time film lecturer. Tanaka is the representative for Tokyo Eizo Brig and a member of SVP2 (Spread Videoart Project 2). He exhibits his works at home and abroad. Tanaka’s main theme in his works is "gazing". He is trying to expand the meaning of it and the concept of it. Tanaka is also interested in narrating "stories" without common scripts, by just vision and audito.


March 23, 2009

Month's End Music @ Findars: 26 March @ 8:30pm

This Thursday night, come watch duo Reflex Reactions (Yandsen & Siew Wai) and the Self Conscious Acronym(ed) Man at FINDARS, Annexe.

March 06, 2009

Yandsen Plays In Mosaic Festival Singapore 2009

Free Jazz
Game of Patience (Singapore)

Led by Australian percussionist and electronic musician Darren Moore, Game of Patience creates freely improvised music combining free jazz with elements of electronica. The group features Brian O'Reilly (USA) on bass/electronics and Yandsen (Malaysia) on saxophone.

15 Mar, Sun
7.15 - 8pm,
9.15 - 10pm