November 30, 2006

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November 22, 2006

new releases by lam'i-nal records

KlangMutationen - Session Zero [L002] CDR

"Klangmutationen is obviously a German word -- Teutonic flatulence at its best. But it could also mean, admittedly of a strange logic (or illogic), a bunch of devilishly handsome Ah Bengs from Klang interested in "Mutationen" (that is Hokkien for metamorphosis Tetsuo or Ultra-man style). If that BS was not helpful at all in convincing you to buy this release, then these references might: Khanate's Capture and Release, Masayoshi Urabe, Kaoru Abe, Alvin Lucier, Masayuki Takayanagi, Naked City's L'eng T'che, the Blue Humans"

Ladang Gempak - Soal Kelentong Batu Cheng [L003] CDR

"Ladang Gempak is an artifact of strange and caustic Malaysiana. It's like taking a customary dump on a caked shit-stained toilet bowl, of every petrol station stop between Penang and Singapore, left unflushed for the gazillionth time. You know you have to but you don't want to. Sonically, if you dig the Sightings or the recent output of Whitehouse (but it bears reminding that this LG recording was made in 1998), or the handful of noise acts screaming of punk rock chutzpah, this LG release will be worth every ringgit and sen you give Laminal Records."

November 17, 2006


Call for regional sound artists in Malaysia and surrounding areas.
Deadline: Arrived by 31 December 2006
Concert: March or April 2007

1. What is the project?

The idea came up when a few of us were talking about art, non-art, god, life and Chinese herbs at the mamak
by SiCKL after a show on a rainy September night ...So we thought,
"What if ... if god gives each of us 2minutes, just 2 minutes, what shall we do?"

Here is the deal: You have 2 minutes, you do whatever you want with SOUND and fill up this 2 minutes.

2. What kind of music?

Do I have to be"experimental"? No! You don't have to! But if you want to, yes!
You can play musical instruments or non-musical instruments; you can reenact the sounds of birds,traffic and people; noise certainly; you can sing abeautiful melody, scream, cry, moan, chant, be silent... You can do the combination of differentsounds/sound-making methods, as long as it is EXACTLY 2 minutes. And you have an idea of what you are doing.

3. We would like you to think about whether or not the thing you do is performative.

It is suggested that you do something that is performative. This is because the outcome of this project will be the release of a CD album with a live concert featuring ALL the participating sound artists. And it is suggested that you don't do electronics because it might be too complicated to set up and to share the power supply where we might have like 20 over artists performing


You have to participate as a solo artist/performer. No 4-piece band for the 2-minute work, sorry!

5. But I'm not a "musician" ... :(

That is even better! You don't need to be a"musician" to participate in this project! As long as you care to spend your precious 2 minutes of your life in making SOUND, you're in!

6. Project ethics:

Whatever you do with your given 2minutes, you are responsible for it (just like in your life ...) So don't do silly things that you’re goingto regret later! :)

7. Why regional sound artists only?

Not that we’re patriotic or anything. However,because the idea of this project is to have both thealbum AND the live concert as the end product, wefigure it’s more feasible if we limit ourselves toartists in Malaysia and surrounding areas only so thatthey can actually come to perform at the concertwithout much fuss.

8. Submission Format:

Audio CD, file format: AIFF,WAVE.

9. Submission details:

label submission with your
NAME, CONTACT (email and phone), ADDRESS, TITLE, LENGTH, and a SHORT DESCRIPTION of the work.

10. NO Submission fee.

11. Please send in your submission with this SUBMISSION FORM.

Should you have any questions please contact Siew Wai at kokbuffalo[at]
You can send your work to:

Kok Siew Wai
“2 Minutes Sound Project”
3, Jalan Waras 3
Taman Connaught
Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur

Hope to see your work soon!